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Principal Message

"If a country is to be Corruption free and become a nation of beautiful mind, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the Father The mother and the Teacher"
Dr. Abdul Kalam

Our school has entered its 25th year certainly it has grown fast in this span of time. Today more than ever the need is inculcation of values and building character. Parents and the school have great deal to creat such an atmosphere in the campus for creation and presentation of values give purpose & meaning to our education. Our student s needs a clear vision of tomorrow and a deeper insight in to the skills and the scientific temper that is needed.

In the words of swami vivekanand “The aim of education is to help the man to unite with god. Education is a process of inner growth and development of the power inherent in the individual. A child educates itself he grows and develops according to his inner potentialities as a plant grows” True education creates self confidence and self dependence it aims at all round development of a student’s personality. Our institution always endeavours to provide the best possible education which makes a learner a responsible sensitive and a decent human being.

The foundation of SGRR Public School Gopeshwar was laid in the year 1987 by our Nineth Guru Bramhaleen Inderesh charan Das Ji. It is situated at the beautiful surrounding of greenery and natural beauty. At present 800 students are getting education here and 30 teaching and non-teaching staff are serving the institutions with love and dedication.

The school is run by SGRR Education Mission whose Parent body is darbar sahib. Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj Dehradun is a 350 yrs old historical religious and philanthropic organization. Darbar sahib established SGRR Education Mission in 1952 with the sole purpose of proving good modern education especially to the middle and lower middle class of the society. As on this date the mission is running nearly 120 English medium public schools 7 intermediate colleges 1 post graduate college a professional institute SGRRITS SMIH and an Institute of Medical and Health science.

I have always been proud of the fact that each member of our staff is an important member of the school family who not only co-operate with one another but also strive towards one goal i.e. the betterment of the child. They always encourage the student to take part in the various school activities and look forward in scoring best results.